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5 reasons you should study in Hull

City of Culture

In 2017, Hull was awarded City of Culture which had a major impact on the city’s economy, gaining £32.8m in funding. The success of Hull has strengthened ambition and local pride within the community and opportunities for things such as networking has increased dramatically. Hull is finally on the map as more and more tourists are visiting every year for the amazing art and culture it possesses.


Hull is now also known for its iconic pieces of art such as the Siemens wind turbine which was displayed in the middle of the City Centre.



A piece of art called the ‘weeping window’ was created on the outside of the Maritime Museum where ceramic poppies were cascaded down the side of the building. This was a beautiful and sentimental moment for Hull.


Another reason why you should study in Hull is because it is one of the cheapest by far for cost of living, which is the music to every students’ ears. This includes independent shops and great food including vegan cafes and restaurants. With plant-based living become more of a trend, Hull embraces this and offers a range of great food at amazing prices.

Museums and History

A lot of people don’t know this but there is a lot of interesting history behind Hull and various museums you can visit for free to learn more about such as the Hull Maritime and Streetlife Museum.

“It’s never dull in Hull”.

Last but not least, I may be biased since I’m from Hull but the people are super friendly and you will be sure to feel right at home here.