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Guide to Hull Nightlife

First up, we have the infamous Piper Monday and this continues to be a busy night due to their popular music of house, chart, and urban music. Piper has one big main floor providing a great atmosphere and area to dance. Piper Monday is also cheap and as students we know this is a huge factor when deciding on nights out.

Then there is Hull University’s Asylum every Wednesday. This is a great night if you’re going on socials with societies and sports team. They provide a huge range of music and it would be unfair to label a type of genre of music to Asylum, so I’m not going to try. Drinks can be fairly expensive, but if you keep with the trusted deal of 2 VK’s for a fiver you can’t really go wrong.

Next, we have Welly Thursday, which is a unique club in Hull with music more of the indie taste. Drinks are also very cheap but I will warn, their vodka is incredibly strong with many goers labelling it of a taste similar to “paint stripper”, how people know what that tastes like is beyond me!

Finally, we have the weekend and the main club on a weekend is Atik, bang in the centre of town. This is your more basic, traditional cub, with 4 floors and plays host to mainly your chart and house music. However, Atik isn’t the cheapest night out. So, make sure you have that overdraft available for when you purchase doubles there.

Nightlife in Hull has a wide range of different clubs for everyone’s taste, so I’m sure you’ll find the night out for you.

Hull: The City of Sport

The main sporting club you’re likely to know about in Hull are Hull City who not so long ago were competing in the Premier league against the likes of Manchester United and Liverpool. From them days Hull City are known globally due to their premier league reputation. However, Hull City now compete in the championship and are once again looking for promotion back into the premier league. So, if you’re a football fan and need your football fix, the KCOM stadium is where you want to be.

Another club who compete at the KCOM stadium, which is a rather impressive stadium, holding up to 25,000 people would be Hull FC. A highly ambitious rugby league club, competing in the Super league and whom recently won back to back challenge cup finals at Wembley and have a huge host of star international players. However, you could always support their rivals across the river with  Hull KR. Also competing in the Super league and play at Craven Park, holding 12,000 people but all packed in, to create an exciting and buzzing atmosphere for fans.

If you want to veer off from the mainstream sports of rugby and football, then there’s the perfect sport for you in Ice Hockey with the Hull Pirates. They play at the Hull arena just off the centre of town and is convenient if you want to go for a meal and then finish off with a bit of ice hockey to top off your night. Ice Hockey at the Hull arena is fast, aggressive and is bound to get you off your seat with excitement and adrenaline!

Is Hull really the worst city to live in?

Normally just known as “Hull,” or pronounced as “Ull” by the locals (I would know this since I was raised primarily near this friendly city). This English town in East Yorkshire isn’t likely to be found on many UK travel itineraries, but is massively admired for it’s a great university culture and range of history.

For example, historically the city has previously struggled for a long time to get back on its feet after being heavily bombed during WWII (and when I say heavily, I mean it – Hull was found to be the second-most war damaged city in the UK following straight after London).

The collapse of the local shipping and fishing industries in the 70s even further challenged people trying to make a living in Hull. Just a couple years ago, Hull was even voted as the 2nd  worst place to live in the UK…

However, since I have spent the majority of my life in Hull, I decided that I want to share with you some things that you probably don’t know about the city – and therefore reasons why it’s worth visiting, as it truly does live up to its title as ‘the award winner of City of Culture in 2017’.

Below are my Top 3 Reasons to Visit Hull:

  1. It has great history with tonnes of  free museums.
  2. It is incredibly affordable (One of the cheapest cities for university accommodation).
  3. It has great travel connections to other parts of the UK – A 10 minute drive will get you to the Humber Bridge, which is a massive 1.4-mile-long suspension bridge spanning the Humber estuary.

Please tell me what you think of these three reasons below:

Guides to Hull: J-Jay’s are fueling the people and I can’t get enough of it.

Looking for clean and healthy foods?  Healthier snack/drink options? Look no further than

Great, healthy food options in Hull are something that, until recently, was extremely tough to come across. Sure, Supermarkets stocked healthy food options but as far as somewhere you could go when “on the go” or when shopping in the city centre, healthy options were not easy to find.

J-Jay’s has taken advantage of this space in the market and has established itself as the ‘go-to’ option for healthy eating in the city centre. Healthy Smoothies, Artisan Coffee and Tea, Meal deal options and even healthy treats and cakes have allowed the people of Hull to make positive changes to their lifestyles. Whether its lunch for the City Centre’s workforce or a Coffee date with friends & family, J-Jay’s has established a warm and welcoming experience for its guests that when accompanied by its fantastic menu of food and drinks allows for an enjoyable pitstop.  Just look for yourself at these awesome photos that loyal guests have taken of J-Jay’s options.

And J-Jay’s offerings don’t stop there. For people looking to make serious changes to their lifestyles or athletes looking to enhance their nutrition,
J-Jay’s offers a full meal prep service to the people of Hull. As someone who meal-preps regularly for my own dietary requirements, I can’t overstate the sheer convenience this service provides.

For students looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle in an otherwise stress-filled environment, J-Jay’s really can ensure you eat right during your time at University. Besides, the less time you spend in the kitchen… the more time you can spend at Asyl… the Library, you can spend more time in the Library.

Go see for yourself, J-Jay’s is located right here and even offer student discounts – just take your Student ID:


49 Savile Street
Kingston upon Hull


Want to learn more about J-Jay’s Meal Prep?

Visit J-Jay’s website – Click Here.
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Tel. 01482 323572

And If you decide to order a Meal Package, use code: STUDENT10 for 10% off your order.

3 things to do in the City of Hull

Hull is a city full of culture, vibrance and uniqueness with plenty to see and do. This is why I have constructed a short yet fulfilling list of 3 things to see or do in the city of Hull.

#1 The Deep

The Deep is probably one of the most eye-catching landmarks in Hull, with its huge stature and pointed edge, sitting just along the Humber estuary. However, passed the impressive architecture of the building lies an aquarium with over 3000 creatures spanning from deadly Sharks all the way down to cute and friendly Penguins. All making for a great day out spent viewing all the types of fascinating creatures.

#2 Humber Bridge

Another iconic attraction for Hull would have to be the great Humber Bridge. It opened in 1981 and is a whopping 2,200 metres long and for 17 years it was the longest single-span suspension bridge in the world! The Humber Bridge is also open for the public to walk across if you fancy a brisk walk with amazing views, but be weary of the strong winds especially if you are a hat wearer!

#3 Fruit market

The Fruit Market in Hull is often referred to as Hull’s cultural quarter, due to its huge differing range with; microbreweries, gin distilleries, traditional pubs, art galleries, live music and many rather retro shops. So, this is the area to be if you fancy a drink or something to eat or you just want to experience the culture of what Hull has to offer.


Guides to Hull: The Hull Derby – Rivalry? You Haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen this!

“It’s Rough, It’s Tough, It’s Rugby League” – David DoyleDavidson, Hull F.C/Rugby League Legend.

You’re born one of two ways if you’re from this city. If you are lucky, you’re black and white, red and white not so much. But either way, you’re born into Rugby League. The greatest sport in the world, just ask anyone from around here, we’ll all tell you!

All Action? You bet! From Minute One to Eighty, you are all but guaranteed to be left on the edge of your seat. Athleticism that is unrivaled, physicality that astounds fans new, and old. Our sport is as gritty as they come. And, with the Hull Derby, you essentially turn up the dials to 11, as two sides of the same city go to war.

It’s no exaggeration to say that this game splits families. Relationships are put aside and the desire for bragging rights, over the closest of rivals, becomes increasingly more important than enjoying the company of deluded rival family/friends.

Often the most important games of the year, fans descend in their droves to fill out the Coliseum that will host the battle. A Theater electric, deafening is the noise. You’re unlikely to find more passion, desire or emotion… Atmosphere!

And when the dust settles, try’s have been scored, vocal cords left shattered and bodies are left sore. Bragging rights to the victors, life is made easier the next day… It’s rough, It’s tough, It’s Rugby League, the greatest game of all

Well that’s what people from Hull say!

Purchase tickets to the next Hull Derby here and experience it for yourself: – Hull F.C – Hull K.R

Hull; City of Culture Indeed!

This blog is reproduced from 2019 by Mallotey – Hull University

One of the most popular and important things Kingston Upon Hull is known for is being the City of Culture 2017. I got to know this about Hull back in Ghana even before I finally moved here for school. There was no way I was going to be here without exploring why Hull has been tagged as such so I took time out to explore the city. Here are some places I visited and admission to all these places are absolutely free.

Hull Maritime Museum: Houses a wide range of ship models and maritime arts and Hull’s famous Wilson shipping line. Get to discover what made Hull the city it is today. It is located at the Queen Victoria Square.

Photo Captured By: Anna

Ferens Art Gallery: Also at Queen Victoria Square, exhibits magnificent collection of paintings and sculptures including works by old European masters, marine paintings and modern and contemporary British art.

Streetlife Museum: Located in the museum quarters on the high street in Hull’s old town. Get to experience the transport history of Hull over the years and enjoy the pleasures of the carriage ride.

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The Historic Centre: Brings together the written heritage, staff and resources of hull city archives, Hull local library and Hull University archives to aid in research. At the time I visited, there was a lego exhibition going on; world history being told entirely using lego.

Living in Hull and haven’t explored the town yet? Here are a few places to look out for. However, if you have and have any recommendations, please SHARE IN THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW!!!

Hidden Gems in Hull: Three of the Best Places to Grab a Bite

This blog is reproduced from 2019 by SJD – Hull University

Hull has lots of amazing places to eat, with plenty of variety in price range, types of cuisines and locations. I have managed to narrow the selection down to what are, in my humble opinion, the top three places to get some good grub in Hull.

  1. Thieving Harry’s: This place is great for breakfast, brunch or lunch as it has lots of sandwich type foods that are served in massive portions so you definitely get your money’s worth. Possibly the best thing about this cafe, however, is the view of the boats in the  marinara as you eat, as it is situated in Old Town and surrounded by beautiful scenery.
  • Gino D’Acampo’s My Restaurant: This restaurant is in Kingswood, however, the quality of the food is worth the short trip. The menu is broad and offers lots of choice for the diner. This restaurant is better suited for a formal meal than a brunch or lunch as it can be quite pricey, but it is a meal you will never forget (the courgette fries are to die for)!
  • Levels: This restaurant is possibly the best place to go on Newland Av as it has delicious options for lunch and dinner plus, they serve great cocktails for reasonable prices. The portion sizes here are huge and they are more than happy for poor students to take any unfinished food with them… waste not want not.

If you have any other hidden gems, let me know and also if you have tried any of these, please share your experience below.