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A Need-to-Know Guide to Hull’s Nightlife!

There’s one thing that all new freshers’ students need to know before moving and permanently residing to their chosen University.

No, it’s not where the nearest GP doctors is or a syllabus of your upcoming modules or even how to budget your money.

It is in fact a run-down of the selection and variety of clubs you will, undoubtedly, be spending the majority of your time in.

First up is my personal favourite: Welly.
Welly is renowned for its classic indie special night ‘Welly Thursday’. Welly is made up of two floors that offer an alternative music taste to your average club music. What puts Welly above all else for me is its affordability. Club entry stands at the lowest in Hull at a mere £3 and they offer £2 double vodka-mixers; even on Saturdays!

Ha! Get it? Welly?

Next on the list is the infamous Atik. Atik is located in the centre of the town so it is slightly further for University students, however, the wide range of variety Atik offers is unmatched. Atik has 3 floors all belting out different genres and tastes so it is suitable for students of all walks of life.
Be warned though, you couldn’t even dream of buying a double in Atik for £2!

Concert, Crowd, Audience, People, Music

Piper is also a very popular option among students as it is the closest located just on Newland Avenue (money saved on taxis is money better spent at the club). Personally, I don’t rate Piper too highly as it is a small club and can often get highly cramped.

Taking into consideration all this information is the first step to having an unbelievable, unforgettable time at University!

Some suggestions for international students

Hello, I’m glad you can get to know Hull University. Maybe you must be full of  concerns about university life. I hope some of the suggestions below will help you better face your future study and life!

#1. Time management

For many high school students, they are used to passively obeying their parents’ arrangements. But when college life begins, you are an adult. You need to balance learning and entertainment, have the ability to manage your time yourself, learn to take responsibility for yourself, and arrange your time and adjust your priorities.

#2. Facing the failure with optimism

No one can always succeed, especially for international students, you face more pressure and obstacles than domestic students. Failure is a common occurrence for everyone. When facing difficulties, don’t think about escaping, but think about how to avoid making the same mistake next time and how to solve the problem.

#3. Try to do some part-time jobs

 I believe that part-time job can help you understand the importance of money and let you know how to manage money, rather than unconditionally meeting your material needs by your parents.

#4. Stay healthy

I hope you can take some time to exercise and that your health is far more important than your studies. Health refers not only to physical health, but also to mental health. In the same way, no matter what kind of pressure comes from school, love, life, I hope you can have a strong psychological defense and maintain a healthy, happy attitude to face the future.

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5 reasons you should study in Hull

City of Culture

In 2017, Hull was awarded City of Culture which had a major impact on the city’s economy, gaining £32.8m in funding. The success of Hull has strengthened ambition and local pride within the community and opportunities for things such as networking has increased dramatically. Hull is finally on the map as more and more tourists are visiting every year for the amazing art and culture it possesses.


Hull is now also known for its iconic pieces of art such as the Siemens wind turbine which was displayed in the middle of the City Centre.



A piece of art called the ‘weeping window’ was created on the outside of the Maritime Museum where ceramic poppies were cascaded down the side of the building. This was a beautiful and sentimental moment for Hull.


Another reason why you should study in Hull is because it is one of the cheapest by far for cost of living, which is the music to every students’ ears. This includes independent shops and great food including vegan cafes and restaurants. With plant-based living become more of a trend, Hull embraces this and offers a range of great food at amazing prices.

Museums and History

A lot of people don’t know this but there is a lot of interesting history behind Hull and various museums you can visit for free to learn more about such as the Hull Maritime and Streetlife Museum.

“It’s never dull in Hull”.

Last but not least, I may be biased since I’m from Hull but the people are super friendly and you will be sure to feel right at home here.

Go ahead! A cycling guide to college life!

When you finish a week of intense university study life, what kind of different entertainment methods will you choose to spend a wonderful weekend? Riding may be a good choice!

Why we choice of cycling?

It’s a very cool thing to ride with friends, especially to adventure together, to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the countryside. Riding is not only a different way to release stress, but it can also strengthen the friendship between you and your friends. Of course, if you are still bothering about eating an extra steak yesterday, cycling is a great way to lose fat!

Where can you find riding equipment ?

Thankfully, there are bicycle clubs in the university that offer bicycle repair and rental! It’s opposite the Wilbeforce building! You and your friends can rent bikes and matching cycling equipment for weekend trips at very low prices!

If you plan to own your own bike, you can also choose to go to a professional bicycle shop such as Cliff Pratt Cycles Ltd which is a nice bicycle shop located in the city centre.

Recommended cycling places

From HULL all the way up to Beverley is a famous cycling route. This route provides a safe bike path. You and your friends will often see some cycling club members.

Other suggestions


The riding helmet is really important. A new study shows that helmets reduce the risk of serious head trauma from riding accidents by 60%.


Finally, hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend and your riding adventure with friends! Don’t forget to take pictures!

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TOP 3 Cafe Discoveries in Hull

I love constantly searching for nice cafes around the area, because cosy and aesthetically pleasing locations always energise me for the rest of the day, therefore I have gathered the best breakfast/brunch cafes in Hull I have come across to in the past year!


#1 Nibble – Might be seen as a Hull’s hidden gem, considering the Nibble is hiding in the docks behind the C4DI building! Not an easy find but you will thank me later! Nibble’s menu gets rewritten every day depending on what is in season, not only you can come here with your pets but you can create your own breakfast from the variety of ingredients. Is there anything better than freedom of choice?

Must try – Brioche bun with salad, egg, and brie.

#2 The Barista CafeBarista is located in the middle of Newland Avenue. This vibrant cafe serves locally sourced coffee! The breakfast menu is unbeatable especially if you are an egg lover just like me! The egg dishes range from Turkish, Mexican and even Korean inspired cuisines.

Must try – Scrambled eggs on sourdough.

#3 The Artisan Cafe & ArtArtisan has a great choice of porridges, fulfilling toasties and a full English breakfast! Their menu will satisfy even the pickiest eater considering they have many vegan and vegetarian options. I was really amazed by the hot drink presentation and the mini hats they put on a teapot. It is also important to note that they sell local art & crafts in the cafe which are very unique!

Must try – Porridge with strawberries, blueberries, and maple syrup.

If you visited any of these places feel free to comment on what your favourite dish is!


The Most Magical Place In Hull You Never Knew Existed

Have you ever wanted to live in a real-life Hobbit Hole, pretending to be in the shoes of Frodo Baggins for the day? Or have you ever wondered what it would feel like to walk through a wardrobe into Narnia? Well, re-living your childhood might just be possible a few minutes walk from your university doorstep.

I know you’re sceptical. At this point, I would be too.

Hull Community Church, on the corner of Newland Avenue, really did build a place where imagination meets reality. The magical space within the church goes by the name World of Wonder. With a life-sized Hobbit Hole, Narnia wardrobe, treehouse and a snowball room, wonder accurately depicts the feeling of awe when you enter through the wardrobe.

The church is super friendly and welcome students and the community every Wednesday and Thursday into the church to relax, study or play – or all three if you’re like me.

I’m in love with the place. And whilst a student can only spend a certain amount of time in a Hobbit Hole, I also believe being a little more child-like is what we all need. Narnia author, C.S Lewis, puts it like this:

“When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty, I read them openly.”

C.S Lewis

If the writer of Narnia gives you permission to indulge in his books, I’m sure he won’t mind you indulging in the actual thing too.

What do you think? Would you have the guts to walk into a place like this?


Matthew Gilbert

Marketing Student

2nd year BA Marketing student at the University of Hull.

GUIDES TO HULL: Make strides towards your fitness goals, step in at FIT 24.

FIT 24 in Hull is a well-known and well-established brand of Gym within the City. Late 2019 saw the brand open a new facility…right about…Here!

I have been training at the new gym since January and have to say I have been really impressed with what the team have achieved with the facility. The extensive range of equipment is fantastic and only highlights the attention to detail that has been focused upon in the creation of the facility. No matter your fitness goals, FIT 24 features such a wide array of equipment that you would be hard-fought to not achieve your goals at this facility.

This is amplified by the huge positivity of the staff and the creation of a motivated and focused atmosphere that encourages members to succeed.

The team of staff are always available to provide specific advice on training/nutrition and can provide guidance on the use of equipment as well as give advice on how to achieve your goals in the longer term.

For those who want more, FIT 24 has a team of dedicated Personal Trainers who have a wealth of knowledge within the fitness industry who are on hand to lead members training regimes.

FIT 24 also host classes by experts in specifics areas of fitness.
The Class Schedule is shown below:

Overall, I cannot recommend this facility enough to the people of hull or its visitors from around the world.

FIT 24’s team have created a welcoming and motivating atmosphere which they support with a fantastic offering of equipment, if you are wanting to make serious strides towards your goals, I’d take a step towards training here and check out the virtual gym tour below:



A Summers Day in Hull, things to do.

For us students, summer marks the end of university and the start to lovely hot weather (-ish), it’s the time we spend with our friends and family outside and as little time as possible inside. So, here’s some great things to do in Hull on a lovely summer’s day.

Marina and Old Town

Hull is blessed with a lovely marina where you can varieties of boats docked and have a walk around. Along with boats the marina has some lovely restaurants and bars to go to serving lovely cold drinks. One of the best bars to go to located right outside the Marina is called Humber Dock. This bar has a lovely seating area outside on a hot summers’ day with plenty of benches to sit on with your friends whilst enjoying the lovely scenery of the marina.

You can then take a short walk from the marina to the old town where you are greeted with even more lovely bars and restaurants including a lovely Bar and Restaurant called Furley & CO. who do amazing cocktails and food.

Queens Gardens

Taking a trip not far from the old town, you will find a lovely 9.75 acre sequence of gardens full of vibrant flower beds and a majestic water fountain. This is the prefect place to come for a lovely picnic or even just a sunbathe with your friends. There are many events that take place in queens gardens such as Pride every year and many other events.

Top 3 spots for running or walking nearby the University of Hull

Pearson park

(1,18 mile from the University) is situated in the south from the University and is half way to the city centre. There is a playground, a couple of monuments and last but not least paths. The park offers opportunity for runners living in the city centre, especially for beginners. The Pearson park ring is about 0,7 mile long and even though cars are allowed there you can run safely around on the pavement.

Oak road fields

(1,06 mile from the University) makes you feel like you are in the countryside for a while. During the morning, you will mostly encounter retired people with their partners walking their dogs here. It is an idylic spot on a sunny day. Once you visit and see ducks and swans floating in the water with a wind turbine in the background the view will stay in your memory. Runners are welcomed but remember that the ground is usually pretty wet so bring proper shoes and a bit of courage.

Northern Cemetery

(0,37 mile from the Uniersity) is the only place I do not recommend for running. It is a place for expressing an honor to all departed and their families. Enjoy a short walk instead and calmly watch all those ended stories. Think about what life offers and how unpredictable it is. It might bring you a new perspective on an environment you live in or help you understand a different culture. Leave aside that it sounds strange and let the Northern Cemetery be a place for inner meditation and relief.

2️⃣Fabulous Places Made me Fall in Love💕 with Hull.

  1. Holiday inn marina

Holiday Inn Marina is your best choice to pay your first visit to Hull. Here you are able to enjoy the most spectacular views of the hull marina with many magnificent yachts, fabulous night views which makes it look like a mill pond.

First impression of the reception is very inviting and impressive with the friendliest staff leading you into the lovely en suite rooms, which contributes to a most peaceful night sleep and make you feel refreshed in the morning.

Going down for a wonderful FULL English breakfast, having a table near the window with a view of the marina always puts you in the mood for a relaxing walk.


2. The Deep

The UK’s largest aquarium—The Deep – designed by second-to-none architects has become a landmark of this city.  There are 5,000 + marine life including the species you have never seen in your life.

The world’s only submarium and Europe’s deepest viewing tunnel with views of the most spectacular fish to amaze your eyes.

Dine in the Castaways Café with the broad view of the river and watch the ships going by.


Are there any other fantastic places I missed? Comment below⬇ and let me know 😉

👁‍🗨 Friendly Tips for New visitors :

Before taking your new adventure, click here and secure your Day Plus Pass, with which you can just pay once and come back free in 12 months! Don’t “miss the boats!”