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ISOC: Charity Week

With multiple societies available to contribute towards, I decided to join Islamic Society as I can relate to this the most as a practising Muslim. Throughout my journey as part of ISOC, I have made new friends and found guidance for my goals.

ISOC holds annual charity events over multiple universities where all members of the society get together to raise money for a specific charity for example ISOC charity week 2019 consisted of raising money for the charity: Islamic Relief.

One of the fundraising events was a collaborative trek with other university ISOC’s in the Yorkshire Dales where each university had created/designed their own charity week banner themed around Marvel. During the week, a bake sale was held within Student Union where students who wanted to raise money baked homemade desserts from a range of different ethnic backgrounds. An international food night had been held the following day, where majority of the members of ISOC had cooked their own dishes based on their ethnic backgrounds to show unity within different cultural groups within Islam.

To end the week, a Charity Week Dinner had been held where over 300 people had attended to help raise money for children and orphans all over the world with poetry and inspirational speeches held by AliOfficial as well as a comedy act. Additionally, an auction was held selling one of a kind calligraphy pieces produced by MoKeyz. The week had come to a successful end with £10,517.14 raised helping the less fortunate.

With many other societies available to join, there will be one fit for you and if not then why not start one?

My year abroad experience

California Business School

I felt that I was very lucky to be given the chance by the University of Hull to be able to study abroad for a whole year. I gained an insight into working within a different cultural environment as well as learning so many new things about myself and who I might become one day by taking on this exciting venture. I would honestly recommend studying a year abroad to anyone. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you will be sure to come back with a completely different mindset, ready to complete the rest of your degree and take on the world.

I went to study at California Business School and it was honestly the best time of my life. I met so many interesting people and of course, I partied LA style.

If California isn’t your ideal place to study for a year then not to worry, the University has so many different places to choose from such as Spain, France, Italy, Thailand and many more. I will leave a link below for you to take a look at all the amazing placements they have to offer if this is something of interest to you.

Studying abroad has so many other benefits than just personal, it looks amazing on your CV and will help kick start your life after University. Happy studying!

Just Say Yes!

If people were more inclined to say yes rather than no whenever presented with a difficult question or a challenging opportunity and vowed to exceed their comfort zone more often, the world would be a much better place – not to mention incredibly more fun!

Having not left the country since I was 9 and never travelling further than Hull on my own accord, when the opportunity first arose for me to volunteer in Romania I was skeptical and hesitant. Romania isn’t considered the most luxurious of places to visit and considering the country publicly executed their own communist leader only 30 years ago, I had reason to be doubtful.

Regardless of all these doubts and worries, I said yes and my god am I thankful that I did!

In just over 3 weeks, I got 3 volunteering certificates awarded for my help working within the agriculture project, helping manage an international NGO in the office and teaching English to young Romanian kids. However, these 3 certificates were certainly not the only things I took away from this experience.

During my time I conquered 3 mountains. I left Romania a professional egg-eater after finishing 2nd in a Romanian egg-eating competition.

Halfway through my stint I discovered Liam Gallagher was performing in a festival the complete opposite end of the country to me. This is a perfect example of my opening sentence. Something I should have definitely rejected and said no to; but instead I simply said yes.

This experience definitely brought me out my comfort zone and pushed me to mental and physical boundaries I could never have fathomed.

So next time, just say yes!

An extraordinary ride during university life

I have a deep attachment to Hull, but I didn’t notice it until an extraordinary experience made me redefine the city’s definition in my heart.

In summer, the island of Great Britain has plenty of sunshine,This perfect season gives many adventurers the chance to conquer nature and prove themselves.


I officially set off from the gate of Hull University on June 12,passed Birmingham, passed Oxford, Reading, Stonehenge, Southampton. Finally I reached the beach of portsmouth, which lasted 12 days and averaged 85 kilometers every day.

Although I prepared a full set of cycling equipment, I was full of uneasiness when I set off. My friends chose to return to their home country this holiday season, so this ride was a difficult and lonely challenge for me.

I prepared sleeping bags and tents, but English law does not allow citizens to set up tents at will, so I have to choose campsite. Campsite is cheaper than hotels. Fortunately, there are many kind people who live here with their caravans. I proudly tried to say hello to everyone passing by and told them that I was a student at Hull University and set off from Hull and headed towards the southernmost city in the UK.

Sometimes pride is like this. Suddenly one day I want to measure the world with my is also a kind of romance for me!

On the return journey, when I arrived in Hull, looking at familiar streets, I have to say I failed to control my tears. Suddenly I realized that Hull was like home to me.

This will be one of my deepest memories at Hull University!

Thank for your reading and hope for you leave feedback!
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How Power Yoga changed my life

I’ve got introduced to Yoga from an early age, however, I’ve always thought it lacks intensity and is not physically challenging. However, after years of ignoring it, I decided to visit a weekly class which I struggled in because headstands were not something I experienced before. 

Now, power yoga is a big part of my life not only spiritually but physically as well. It is a unique add-on to my usual training routine.

Things I noticed after a few months of practicing power yoga:

  1. It helped me abandon my comfort zone.
  2. I became spiritually and physically stronger.
  3. I’ve found peace of mind and harmony in my thoughts.
  4. It helped to control my emotions.

You might question how does power yoga help with so many things?

Inversions help to overcome fear since being upside down is a strange and uncomfortable feeling for a human body. By regularly practicing inversions I developed a sense of comfort in a new experience.

Secondly, power yoga is physically challenging in fact it makes you sweat a lot! So there is no doubt at all that it made me physically stronger. Consequently, my spiritual strength developed from patience and meditation while attempting various postures.


                                     Attempting Sirsasana in Fuerteventura.

If you feel that you need to de-stress from your routine and try out something challenging then give yoga a try at Fit24 gym in west Hull! It is only £5 per class! 

Feel free to comment below if you are practicing yoga or if you have any questions about it I will be more than happy to answer!


Be a President of a Consulting Firm

Hi everyone !

As a student, I know how difficult it is to plan as a worker in real world. Indeed, it’s hard to loose our innocence and become “real adult”. Today I would like to share with you an amazing experience I lived last year and which helped me to better anticipate what I want to do in my career.


I was the President of an Student Consulting Firm : a Junior-Entreprise.

But what is a Junior-Entreprise ? To be simple, it’s a consulting firm managed by student. Each Junior-Entreprise has its own field of expertise : business, engineering, psychology, art, etc.

Mine was a business one and so we have clients : start-ups, medium sized firms or corporation as ExxonMobil, one of our older client. It means we have responsibility towards our clients. For example, we provide a CSR report on ExxonMobil activity in Normandy and as they paid more than 16,000 € we have to do a great job.

As a president, I had to manage the 35 members, improve their competencies by formations, learn them how to negotiate and how to create a professional report in many field as finance, marketing, CSR or creating a business plan.

But being a president is not only be a representative in your school, you represent your Junior-Entreprise in the national movement : the Confédération National des Junior-Entreprise (National Confederation of Junior-Entreprise). It gather more than 20,000 students in France with more than 200 Junior-Entreprise. Then, you have to vote on General Assembly to modify our regulation or to keep a Junior-Entreprise in the movement or not. And this movement is international, there are Junior-Entreprise in Brazil, Morocco, Spain, Canada, Australia, etc.

To conclude, this kind of association helped me to be more professional but with my friends. Then, I have developed lot hard and soft skills which are useful during my internship.

And you, have you had an amazing associative experience which helped you to develop yourself ?

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Life after university: How to survive the graduate market

The opportunities at The University of Hull are endless. I have been given the chance to shine by working alongside real life global businesses, which I believe will help me to stand out I comparison to other graduates, as in 2017 there were 1.76 million undergraduates alone in the UK, so having the professional experience to back up your CV is crucial when entering the graduate market.

Here are a few of the companies I have been lucky enough to work alongside when completing my degree, and some information about the projects:

  1. McCain’s  – McCain who are the worlds global leader in frozen food, asked us to create a marketing plan which involved using a range of marketing analysis tools. Then through a group collaboration, we created our own product idea and then pitched to the board of directors at McCain.
  2. Trident  – Trident work with 8 out of 11 of the largest consumer goods companies in the world ranging from Unilever to L’Oréal, with the main aim to help protect a range of different brands. This was another group assignment where we had to act as a marketing agency to produce an advertising pitch to promote the Trident  Academy to  young  people like ourselves.
  3. Kaspa’s Desserts – We was asked to create an Integrated Marketing Communication plan for Kaspa’s to reach new consumers and build loyalty among existing customers by creating a range of Kaspa’s branded non-food merchandise. This was exciting since the British Dessert House operates in over 67 locations alone in the UK.

Please let me know what you think about the real life opportunities provided by the university below:

From student’s free time diary: RUNNING!

I believe that shared story can inspire so here is mine. My running story.

In the beginning I struggled with my mindset. There was a confusion between the logical side of my brain that needed a list of reasons (why/where/how should I start) and the creative one which knew that THIS IS IT and nothing else matters.

Do you know what? At this point I stopped overthinking and started doing. I literally began moving forward. I didn’t measure my pace and time, I just enjoyed it. I loved how helpless I felt when trying to catch breath and what an indescribable feeling was to finish a run or how sweaty I got.

As time passed by a new question appeared, wheater or not invest money into proper running shoes. Am I capable enough to continue running in the future? Isn’t it only an ilusion that I feel good doing it?  The idea was to run every two days for at least a month to prove I am ready to step into the world of „professionals“ by buying some new shoes. I succeed but didn’t have money. So I continued in my old rubbed trainers.

Then it happened. I was given a birthday voucher from my boyfriend. A voucher for new shoes. It left me speechless. The support he expressed still warms my hearth and since then, everytime I run  I feel that someone believes in me and it makes me work harder and feel more confident.

Don’t be afraid of being a beginner, ever!

A Summers Day in Hull, things to do.

For us students, summer marks the end of university and the start to lovely hot weather (-ish), it’s the time we spend with our friends and family outside and as little time as possible inside. So, here’s some great things to do in Hull on a lovely summer’s day.

Marina and Old Town

Hull is blessed with a lovely marina where you can varieties of boats docked and have a walk around. Along with boats the marina has some lovely restaurants and bars to go to serving lovely cold drinks. One of the best bars to go to located right outside the Marina is called Humber Dock. This bar has a lovely seating area outside on a hot summers’ day with plenty of benches to sit on with your friends whilst enjoying the lovely scenery of the marina.

You can then take a short walk from the marina to the old town where you are greeted with even more lovely bars and restaurants including a lovely Bar and Restaurant called Furley & CO. who do amazing cocktails and food.

Queens Gardens

Taking a trip not far from the old town, you will find a lovely 9.75 acre sequence of gardens full of vibrant flower beds and a majestic water fountain. This is the prefect place to come for a lovely picnic or even just a sunbathe with your friends. There are many events that take place in queens gardens such as Pride every year and many other events.

Top 3 spots for running or walking nearby the University of Hull

Pearson park

(1,18 mile from the University) is situated in the south from the University and is half way to the city centre. There is a playground, a couple of monuments and last but not least paths. The park offers opportunity for runners living in the city centre, especially for beginners. The Pearson park ring is about 0,7 mile long and even though cars are allowed there you can run safely around on the pavement.

Oak road fields

(1,06 mile from the University) makes you feel like you are in the countryside for a while. During the morning, you will mostly encounter retired people with their partners walking their dogs here. It is an idylic spot on a sunny day. Once you visit and see ducks and swans floating in the water with a wind turbine in the background the view will stay in your memory. Runners are welcomed but remember that the ground is usually pretty wet so bring proper shoes and a bit of courage.

Northern Cemetery

(0,37 mile from the Uniersity) is the only place I do not recommend for running. It is a place for expressing an honor to all departed and their families. Enjoy a short walk instead and calmly watch all those ended stories. Think about what life offers and how unpredictable it is. It might bring you a new perspective on an environment you live in or help you understand a different culture. Leave aside that it sounds strange and let the Northern Cemetery be a place for inner meditation and relief.