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Some suggestions for international students

Hello, I’m glad you can get to know Hull University. Maybe you must be full of  concerns about university life. I hope some of the suggestions below will help you better face your future study and life!

#1. Time management

For many high school students, they are used to passively obeying their parents’ arrangements. But when college life begins, you are an adult. You need to balance learning and entertainment, have the ability to manage your time yourself, learn to take responsibility for yourself, and arrange your time and adjust your priorities.

#2. Facing the failure with optimism

No one can always succeed, especially for international students, you face more pressure and obstacles than domestic students. Failure is a common occurrence for everyone. When facing difficulties, don’t think about escaping, but think about how to avoid making the same mistake next time and how to solve the problem.

#3. Try to do some part-time jobs

 I believe that part-time job can help you understand the importance of money and let you know how to manage money, rather than unconditionally meeting your material needs by your parents.

#4. Stay healthy

I hope you can take some time to exercise and that your health is far more important than your studies. Health refers not only to physical health, but also to mental health. In the same way, no matter what kind of pressure comes from school, love, life, I hope you can have a strong psychological defense and maintain a healthy, happy attitude to face the future.

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An extraordinary ride during university life

I have a deep attachment to Hull, but I didn’t notice it until an extraordinary experience made me redefine the city’s definition in my heart.

In summer, the island of Great Britain has plenty of sunshine,This perfect season gives many adventurers the chance to conquer nature and prove themselves.


I officially set off from the gate of Hull University on June 12,passed Birmingham, passed Oxford, Reading, Stonehenge, Southampton. Finally I reached the beach of portsmouth, which lasted 12 days and averaged 85 kilometers every day.

Although I prepared a full set of cycling equipment, I was full of uneasiness when I set off. My friends chose to return to their home country this holiday season, so this ride was a difficult and lonely challenge for me.

I prepared sleeping bags and tents, but English law does not allow citizens to set up tents at will, so I have to choose campsite. Campsite is cheaper than hotels. Fortunately, there are many kind people who live here with their caravans. I proudly tried to say hello to everyone passing by and told them that I was a student at Hull University and set off from Hull and headed towards the southernmost city in the UK.

Sometimes pride is like this. Suddenly one day I want to measure the world with my is also a kind of romance for me!

On the return journey, when I arrived in Hull, looking at familiar streets, I have to say I failed to control my tears. Suddenly I realized that Hull was like home to me.

This will be one of my deepest memories at Hull University!

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Go ahead! A cycling guide to college life!

When you finish a week of intense university study life, what kind of different entertainment methods will you choose to spend a wonderful weekend? Riding may be a good choice!

Why we choice of cycling?

It’s a very cool thing to ride with friends, especially to adventure together, to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the countryside. Riding is not only a different way to release stress, but it can also strengthen the friendship between you and your friends. Of course, if you are still bothering about eating an extra steak yesterday, cycling is a great way to lose fat!

Where can you find riding equipment ?

Thankfully, there are bicycle clubs in the university that offer bicycle repair and rental! It’s opposite the Wilbeforce building! You and your friends can rent bikes and matching cycling equipment for weekend trips at very low prices!

If you plan to own your own bike, you can also choose to go to a professional bicycle shop such as Cliff Pratt Cycles Ltd which is a nice bicycle shop located in the city centre.

Recommended cycling places

From HULL all the way up to Beverley is a famous cycling route. This route provides a safe bike path. You and your friends will often see some cycling club members.

Other suggestions


The riding helmet is really important. A new study shows that helmets reduce the risk of serious head trauma from riding accidents by 60%.


Finally, hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend and your riding adventure with friends! Don’t forget to take pictures!

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