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A Need-to-Know Guide to Hull’s Nightlife!

There’s one thing that all new freshers’ students need to know before moving and permanently residing to their chosen University.

No, it’s not where the nearest GP doctors is or a syllabus of your upcoming modules or even how to budget your money.

It is in fact a run-down of the selection and variety of clubs you will, undoubtedly, be spending the majority of your time in.

First up is my personal favourite: Welly.
Welly is renowned for its classic indie special night ‘Welly Thursday’. Welly is made up of two floors that offer an alternative music taste to your average club music. What puts Welly above all else for me is its affordability. Club entry stands at the lowest in Hull at a mere £3 and they offer £2 double vodka-mixers; even on Saturdays!

Ha! Get it? Welly?

Next on the list is the infamous Atik. Atik is located in the centre of the town so it is slightly further for University students, however, the wide range of variety Atik offers is unmatched. Atik has 3 floors all belting out different genres and tastes so it is suitable for students of all walks of life.
Be warned though, you couldn’t even dream of buying a double in Atik for £2!

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Piper is also a very popular option among students as it is the closest located just on Newland Avenue (money saved on taxis is money better spent at the club). Personally, I don’t rate Piper too highly as it is a small club and can often get highly cramped.

Taking into consideration all this information is the first step to having an unbelievable, unforgettable time at University!

University Cultural Differences

Upon joining University I had only known one way of communicating, one method of doing things, one type of person and one way of life; the Liverpool way.

For 18 years of my life I was surrounded by people who share the same values, morals, style, beliefs, religion and even the same cup of tea preference.

Then all of a sudden I am hurled into a strange environment with peculiar surroundings living among people with different accents, food traditions, dress senses, music tastes, political beliefs and most importantly, opposing opinions.

During my first year of University I was living in student accommodation sharing a kitchen with 3 Chinese people. This introduced me to a whole new world of ingredients and flavours.
I currently live with an Irish man who has educated me with a total array of music. I have French, Romanian, Lebanese friends from all walks of life.
The only time I’d ever saw a Spanish person was on the television, but now I’m playing chess with one daily in my own living room. If you’d have told me that when I was an 18-year-old who’d never left his hometown I’d have laughed at you. Heck, I’m even writing this blog accompanied by my Ghanaian friend.

Diving into University life with such a variety and mixture of different people with different cultures and opinions may sound strenuous and overwhelming, but trust me it is the most enlightening and eye-opening transition you will experience. Viewing life from a different perspective is always a positive and nevertheless, spending your entire life living within your own cultural bubble is the biggest display of ignorance of them all.

Just Say Yes!

If people were more inclined to say yes rather than no whenever presented with a difficult question or a challenging opportunity and vowed to exceed their comfort zone more often, the world would be a much better place – not to mention incredibly more fun!

Having not left the country since I was 9 and never travelling further than Hull on my own accord, when the opportunity first arose for me to volunteer in Romania I was skeptical and hesitant. Romania isn’t considered the most luxurious of places to visit and considering the country publicly executed their own communist leader only 30 years ago, I had reason to be doubtful.

Regardless of all these doubts and worries, I said yes and my god am I thankful that I did!

In just over 3 weeks, I got 3 volunteering certificates awarded for my help working within the agriculture project, helping manage an international NGO in the office and teaching English to young Romanian kids. However, these 3 certificates were certainly not the only things I took away from this experience.

During my time I conquered 3 mountains. I left Romania a professional egg-eater after finishing 2nd in a Romanian egg-eating competition.

Halfway through my stint I discovered Liam Gallagher was performing in a festival the complete opposite end of the country to me. This is a perfect example of my opening sentence. Something I should have definitely rejected and said no to; but instead I simply said yes.

This experience definitely brought me out my comfort zone and pushed me to mental and physical boundaries I could never have fathomed.

So next time, just say yes!