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From student’s free time diary: RUNNING!

I believe that shared story can inspire so here is mine. My running story.

In the beginning I struggled with my mindset. There was a confusion between the logical side of my brain that needed a list of reasons (why/where/how should I start) and the creative one which knew that THIS IS IT and nothing else matters.

Do you know what? At this point I stopped overthinking and started doing. I literally began moving forward. I didn’t measure my pace and time, I just enjoyed it. I loved how helpless I felt when trying to catch breath and what an indescribable feeling was to finish a run or how sweaty I got.

As time passed by a new question appeared, wheater or not invest money into proper running shoes. Am I capable enough to continue running in the future? Isn’t it only an ilusion that I feel good doing it?  The idea was to run every two days for at least a month to prove I am ready to step into the world of „professionals“ by buying some new shoes. I succeed but didn’t have money. So I continued in my old rubbed trainers.

Then it happened. I was given a birthday voucher from my boyfriend. A voucher for new shoes. It left me speechless. The support he expressed still warms my hearth and since then, everytime I run  I feel that someone believes in me and it makes me work harder and feel more confident.

Don’t be afraid of being a beginner, ever!

Top 3 spots for running or walking nearby the University of Hull

Pearson park

(1,18 mile from the University) is situated in the south from the University and is half way to the city centre. There is a playground, a couple of monuments and last but not least paths. The park offers opportunity for runners living in the city centre, especially for beginners. The Pearson park ring is about 0,7 mile long and even though cars are allowed there you can run safely around on the pavement.

Oak road fields

(1,06 mile from the University) makes you feel like you are in the countryside for a while. During the morning, you will mostly encounter retired people with their partners walking their dogs here. It is an idylic spot on a sunny day. Once you visit and see ducks and swans floating in the water with a wind turbine in the background the view will stay in your memory. Runners are welcomed but remember that the ground is usually pretty wet so bring proper shoes and a bit of courage.

Northern Cemetery

(0,37 mile from the Uniersity) is the only place I do not recommend for running. It is a place for expressing an honor to all departed and their families. Enjoy a short walk instead and calmly watch all those ended stories. Think about what life offers and how unpredictable it is. It might bring you a new perspective on an environment you live in or help you understand a different culture. Leave aside that it sounds strange and let the Northern Cemetery be a place for inner meditation and relief.

How to live with a stranger?

Being surrouded by people you hardly know is a scary idea, now imagine living with a stranger for a couple months!

First month is supposed to be the key time for getting to know the flat (mate) environment by discussing common study issues, sharing first impresions, compering family origins and mutual favours. Both flatmates observe nonverbal as well as verbal comunication aiming to build up a relationship. This process does not always go smoothly and unpredictable situations may appear sooner than expected.

First month tip! Avoid controversial disscusions, family struggles and gossiping but most importantly remeber that being friendly and taking care about shared places never killed anybody.

To prevent tense situations in a household try these tips:

  1. SPEAK UP! Chitchat while enjoying favorite cup of tea or coffee. Meet each other regularly to discuss news and feelings by a favorite type of drink. Laid back atmosphere offers unique option to talk about wants and needs of both sides (from cleaned kitchen to privacy).

  2. GO OUT! Explore the city and move. Does your flatmate love any sport? Show your interest and ask if you can join. Maybe go for a walk or shopping together. No one has ever been hurt by some fresh air.
  3. ACT! Create a habit. Prepare a meal together as you might have used to do it with your mum or granny. Share your experiences and knowledge or simly watch your favorite movie or a new Netflix series together.

Do not hesitate with writing feedback. The discusion is more than welcomed!