Top Tips to Survive at Uni

University can be quite intimidating especially when you’re starting a new chapter of your life without your best friend but when Uni life kicks in, it is easy to lose track of deadlines and where your money is going right? Below are my 3 Top tips on how to survive during your time at Uni.

1. Budgeting: It is easy to lose track of spending when at university due to freshers, eating out, shopping, clubbing etc… To keep track of your daily spending it is best to calculate your monthly spend. Keeping a target of £30 a week will allow you to spend £10 on groceries, £10 on socialising and £10 for additional expenditure.

2. Plan Ahead: Assignments become overwhelming when deadlines are approaching so it is always best to plan beforehand by setting personal deadlines and avoiding procrastination. Always manage your time making sure you never leave your assignments last minute before due date!! This can be done by making an early start on your assignments and setting word count targets daily to ensure you have your assignment complete before due date.  


3. It is ok to say NO: The university night life becomes a habit and distraction as the social life becomes more appealing as a form of stress relief which is why making the right friends is crucial at university. It is easy to make the wrong decision under the influence of others, but remember, it is okay to say No!

I hope my tips helped you! Let me know below your experience at university and let us know your tips below.