Study tips for prospective students at the University of Hull

Coming to university and beginning semester 1 creates a new ball pool for you. This involves finding effective ways to study. Here I will explain a few methods based upon personal experience.

Room Bookings
Room bookings are most definitely an effective way of  learning effectively. This is because you can work collaboratively and acquire valuable pieces of knowledge from one other. Remember, we are all students in the same pool, and your weaknesses could be someone else’s strength and vice versa! Using this method of learning could indirectly boost marks in exams and assignments set!

Printing lecture slides

Printing lecture slides, predominantly in more important lecture material is imperative. Doing this allows you to write extra information from lecturers onto your printed lecture slides and highlight key information. This offers an advantage amongst other students, as you more likely to refer back to it than if using a laptop and adding footer notes. Hopefully by doing this, you will be able to plan essays and assignments with ease!


Consultation at university is vital for acquiring better knowledge and progress within each module. Your lecturers list office hours in the introductory lectures, use them! If you are unsure about any material prepare a draft of questions you wish to ask and take them to your lecturer’s office. Using consultation to your advantage ensures you have ticked off boxes for progress and do not fall behind!
Do you have any advice on how to study effectively? Let us know below!