Student House Chronicles

First to second year of university. Not seen as the biggest leap in your university, but the transition of on-campus living to student housing. This is a change needed for university, where the experience becomes a lot more authentic and enjoyable.

3 reasons to move into a student house:

#1 Flexibilty /Freedom
In all honesty, living in a student house most definitely has its advantages over student halls. Especially based upon the fact that you can relax more and not have to escorted by the wardens in routine fire drills when trying to catch extra sleep. This encourages independency and a more standard way of student living!

#2 Living with potential friends for life!

Living in a student house gives you the opportunity to select flatmates who you are yourself around! This differs massively from student halls, in which flatmates are randomised, which more often that not risks you being with people that have clashing personalities. Therefore, student housing gives you time to develop friendships to a level where you will be in close contact post university!

#3 Gain independence
Of course, attending university helps develops independence, but student living develops this to a higher degree. This is because halls are associated with so called “babysitting”, in the sense that some meals are catered for and kitchens have regular communal cleaning service. However, student housing has none of this and requires for you to be more organised and take control of day-today life. This is because for instance, you will be doing activities solo, such as going to the library and simply living alone
What are your experiences of student living? Let us know below!

BY ASARPONG 201801864