Some suggestions for international students

Hello, I’m glad you can get to know Hull University. Maybe you must be full of  concerns about university life. I hope some of the suggestions below will help you better face your future study and life!

#1. Time management

For many high school students, they are used to passively obeying their parents’ arrangements. But when college life begins, you are an adult. You need to balance learning and entertainment, have the ability to manage your time yourself, learn to take responsibility for yourself, and arrange your time and adjust your priorities.

#2. Facing the failure with optimism

No one can always succeed, especially for international students, you face more pressure and obstacles than domestic students. Failure is a common occurrence for everyone. When facing difficulties, don’t think about escaping, but think about how to avoid making the same mistake next time and how to solve the problem.

#3. Try to do some part-time jobs

 I believe that part-time job can help you understand the importance of money and let you know how to manage money, rather than unconditionally meeting your material needs by your parents.

#4. Stay healthy

I hope you can take some time to exercise and that your health is far more important than your studies. Health refers not only to physical health, but also to mental health. In the same way, no matter what kind of pressure comes from school, love, life, I hope you can have a strong psychological defense and maintain a healthy, happy attitude to face the future.

Thank for your reading and hope for you leave feedback!

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