ISOC: Charity Week

With multiple societies available to contribute towards, I decided to join Islamic Society as I can relate to this the most as a practising Muslim. Throughout my journey as part of ISOC, I have made new friends and found guidance for my goals.

ISOC holds annual charity events over multiple universities where all members of the society get together to raise money for a specific charity for example ISOC charity week 2019 consisted of raising money for the charity: Islamic Relief.

One of the fundraising events was a collaborative trek with other university ISOC’s in the Yorkshire Dales where each university had created/designed their own charity week banner themed around Marvel. During the week, a bake sale was held within Student Union where students who wanted to raise money baked homemade desserts from a range of different ethnic backgrounds. An international food night had been held the following day, where majority of the members of ISOC had cooked their own dishes based on their ethnic backgrounds to show unity within different cultural groups within Islam.

To end the week, a Charity Week Dinner had been held where over 300 people had attended to help raise money for children and orphans all over the world with poetry and inspirational speeches held by AliOfficial as well as a comedy act. Additionally, an auction was held selling one of a kind calligraphy pieces produced by MoKeyz. The week had come to a successful end with £10,517.14 raised helping the less fortunate.

With many other societies available to join, there will be one fit for you and if not then why not start one?