Go ahead! A cycling guide to college life!

When you finish a week of intense university study life, what kind of different entertainment methods will you choose to spend a wonderful weekend? Riding may be a good choice!

Why we choice of cycling?

It’s a very cool thing to ride with friends, especially to adventure together, to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the countryside. Riding is not only a different way to release stress, but it can also strengthen the friendship between you and your friends. Of course, if you are still bothering about eating an extra steak yesterday, cycling is a great way to lose fat!

Where can you find riding equipment ?

Thankfully, there are bicycle clubs in the university that offer bicycle repair and rental! It’s opposite the Wilbeforce building! You and your friends can rent bikes and matching cycling equipment for weekend trips at very low prices!

If you plan to own your own bike, you can also choose to go to a professional bicycle shop such as Cliff Pratt Cycles Ltd which is a nice bicycle shop located in the city centre.

Recommended cycling places

From HULL all the way up to Beverley is a famous cycling route. This route provides a safe bike path. You and your friends will often see some cycling club members.

Other suggestions


The riding helmet is really important. A new study shows that helmets reduce the risk of serious head trauma from riding accidents by 60%.


Finally, hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend and your riding adventure with friends! Don’t forget to take pictures!

Thank for your reading and hope for you leave feedback!
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