“First year of Uni? Doesn’t count…”

We always hear this common statement at university that first year of university does not count. Yes, this is true that your first year does not count to your final grade but do not let this demotivate you or be the reason for you to slack. Below are the reasons why first year really matters.

#1. Learn from your Mistakes: When writing up assignments or revising for exams, it’s always easy to mess up on in certain areas whether this is missing out on analysis or objectives. However, it is best to make these mistakes during 1st year as this is your chance to understand which form of style suits you and will allow you to get the best grade possible. But remember, you only need 40% so don’t stress too much.


#2. Feedback: When you submit your assignment and receive your results, always look back on feedback to understand where you could have added those additional markers differentiating your grade from a 2:1 to a 1st. Again, although 1st year doesn’t count, this will allow you to have a clear mindset of how to get the best grade during 2nd and 3rd.

#3. Value your Degree: Remember, we’re paying £9,250 a year at university to get our degree to get the best job possible, so remember do not risk your 1st year due to friends or your laziness. It is easy to fail an assignment so always put in your 100% towards your modules so you don’t regret what you could have done because come on do you really want to re-sit the year again?