3 realities of student life weekly: University of Hull


The vast majority of prospective students envisage university to be a place that people simply work hard, play hard), occasional clubbing and sticking to a routine. However, the sad reality is that is far from the norm, with many students experiencing what we call “Student Problems”

Here are 5 realities of student life at the University of Hull:


From sleeping at reasonable times and awaking at 6/7am, this routine diminishes. This could be making that lovely pasta bake at 2am before 9am lectures or having a much-needed breakfast at 1pm. Sadly, there is no in-between when. Despite this, fear not guys! as aiming to create alternatives such as an invisibility to lights and set meal times will remove you from this cohort. Forget what anyone says, remember it is you against the world!

You may think to yourself “Oh finally, I get my independence and can eat more how I please”. Unfortunately, the reality is that this could not be further from the truth. University rather consists of not knowing where your next meal will come from and a lack of effort and variety in food choice. You can be the change to this! For instance, pre-cook for the week and keep a food diary, we believe in you!

3.      SPORTS/GYM
First coming to university involves the excitement of joining sports teams and signing up for the university gym. However, the reality is opposite. Standard university days can be torture, causing fatigue and laziness. But remember, it is key to work out and the worst workout is the workout that never happened!