Top 3 spots for running or walking nearby the University of Hull

Pearson park

(1,18 mile from the University) is situated in the south from the University and is half way to the city centre. There is a playground, a couple of monuments and last but not least paths. The park offers opportunity for runners living in the city centre, especially for beginners. The Pearson park ring is about 0,7 mile long and even though cars are allowed there you can run safely around on the pavement.

Oak road fields

(1,06 mile from the University) makes you feel like you are in the countryside for a while. During the morning, you will mostly encounter retired people with their partners walking their dogs here. It is an idylic spot on a sunny day. Once you visit and see ducks and swans floating in the water with a wind turbine in the background the view will stay in your memory. Runners are welcomed but remember that the ground is usually pretty wet so bring proper shoes and a bit of courage.

Northern Cemetery

(0,37 mile from the Uniersity) is the only place I do not recommend for running. It is a place for expressing an honor to all departed and their families. Enjoy a short walk instead and calmly watch all those ended stories. Think about what life offers and how unpredictable it is. It might bring you a new perspective on an environment you live in or help you understand a different culture. Leave aside that it sounds strange and let the Northern Cemetery be a place for inner meditation and relief.