The Secret to Being Productive at University

This blog is reproduced from 2019 by Mallotey – Hull University

University can be overwhelming at times with balancing deadlines, social life and down-time. In order to be a productive student, you need to get this balance just right.

Planning is an essential part of organising your day so that you can use every minute effectively in order to reach your goals, long-term and short-term.


Divide your day into 30 minute segments from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep.

I know that sounds daunting but bare with me! Here are some points to get you started:

  1. Write out the 30 minute slots on a piece of paper, planner or writing a note on your phone so you always have it with you.
  2. Go through a normal day, filling in each slot with what you do naturally – Be honest with yourself here, this is the foundation of productivity!
  3. At the end of the day, go through the areas where you were least productive and learn from it. Why were you not productive? Do you need more down-time?
  4. Make a new day of time slots and this time PLAN the next day out based on what you have learnt from the previous day.

A ‘To Do’ list is a good place to begin planning each day. Write out what you wish to achieve by the end of the day and tailor your time to those targets. Make sure the to do list is achievable or you will not feel as productive. Feeling productive is half the battle.

Don’t forget about down-time and your social life – plan time to do things you enjoy!

Tell me what you think of these tips below:

Hull; City of Culture Indeed!

This blog is reproduced from 2019 by Mallotey – Hull University

One of the most popular and important things Kingston Upon Hull is known for is being the City of Culture 2017. I got to know this about Hull back in Ghana even before I finally moved here for school. There was no way I was going to be here without exploring why Hull has been tagged as such so I took time out to explore the city. Here are some places I visited and admission to all these places are absolutely free.

Hull Maritime Museum: Houses a wide range of ship models and maritime arts and Hull’s famous Wilson shipping line. Get to discover what made Hull the city it is today. It is located at the Queen Victoria Square.

Photo Captured By: Anna

Ferens Art Gallery: Also at Queen Victoria Square, exhibits magnificent collection of paintings and sculptures including works by old European masters, marine paintings and modern and contemporary British art.

Streetlife Museum: Located in the museum quarters on the high street in Hull’s old town. Get to experience the transport history of Hull over the years and enjoy the pleasures of the carriage ride.

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The Historic Centre: Brings together the written heritage, staff and resources of hull city archives, Hull local library and Hull University archives to aid in research. At the time I visited, there was a lego exhibition going on; world history being told entirely using lego.

Living in Hull and haven’t explored the town yet? Here are a few places to look out for. However, if you have and have any recommendations, please SHARE IN THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW!!!

Hidden Gems in Hull: Three of the Best Places to Grab a Bite

This blog is reproduced from 2019 by SJD – Hull University

Hull has lots of amazing places to eat, with plenty of variety in price range, types of cuisines and locations. I have managed to narrow the selection down to what are, in my humble opinion, the top three places to get some good grub in Hull.

  1. Thieving Harry’s: This place is great for breakfast, brunch or lunch as it has lots of sandwich type foods that are served in massive portions so you definitely get your money’s worth. Possibly the best thing about this cafe, however, is the view of the boats in the  marinara as you eat, as it is situated in Old Town and surrounded by beautiful scenery.
  • Gino D’Acampo’s My Restaurant: This restaurant is in Kingswood, however, the quality of the food is worth the short trip. The menu is broad and offers lots of choice for the diner. This restaurant is better suited for a formal meal than a brunch or lunch as it can be quite pricey, but it is a meal you will never forget (the courgette fries are to die for)!
  • Levels: This restaurant is possibly the best place to go on Newland Av as it has delicious options for lunch and dinner plus, they serve great cocktails for reasonable prices. The portion sizes here are huge and they are more than happy for poor students to take any unfinished food with them… waste not want not.

If you have any other hidden gems, let me know and also if you have tried any of these, please share your experience below.